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DNV GL awarded the principle approval (AiP) certificate of fuel extension high and low pressure gas supply system

Editor:亚达管道系统股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-07-10 

Falk Rothe (left), general manager of DNV GL Greater China Technical Center, issued a certificate to Xiangguang Qing, chairman of Yada Pipeline System Co., Ltd.

On July 8, 2020, the DNV GL classification society designed and developed a dual-fuel power ship high and low pressure gas supply system (Gas-Fuelled Large-Scale Ship HP/LP Fuel) for Zhejiang Ranto Power Co., Ltd. at its Shanghai headquarters in Greater China. Gas Supply System) issued a principled approval certificate (AiP).

Zhejiang Ranto Power, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International and DNV GL signed a joint development project agreement on the dual fuel power ship's high and low pressure gas supply system in 2020. Zhejiang Ranto Power strictly carries out system design in strict accordance with the IGF rules, DNV GL specifications and the relevant requirements of the Gas Fuel Power Ship Association. In terms of process flow, system principles, electrical control, safety and reliability, equipment selection, etc., it cooperates with DNV GL and Guangzhou Shipbuilding. There have been many in-depth exchanges internationally.

After a strict meeting between DNV GL Shanghai and Norway plan review experts, the system finally obtained the AiP (Principle Approval Certificate); at the same time, the Guangzhou Shipyard International LNG technical team combined with the actual tanker project to carry out the design plan and comprehensive layout of the gas system Technical demonstration and drawing review. This indicates that Fuel Power has the ability and qualification to provide dual fuel high and low pressure gas supply system (FGSS) to large ships.

Once Ranto Power has obtained the principle approval, it can supplement the principle design business segment for the group company Yada Pipeline System Co., Ltd., and complete the Yada Group to provide customers with dual fuel gas supply systems from development design, calculation analysis, module integration, prefabrication One-stop service development plan from installation to commissioning.

At the certification ceremony, all parties agreed that in the application of the LNG dual-fuel power ship market, all parties will continue to cooperate in depth to provide shipowners and shipyards with a more professional and safer gas supply system.

DNVGL awarded AiP to FGPD for HP/LP Fuel Gas Supply System

On July 8th 2020, DNV GL awarded Approval inPrinciple (AiP) to Zhejiang Fuel Gas Power Deploitation Co., Ltd. (FGPD) fortheir HP/LP Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) at DNV GL Shanghai Head office.

In this project, FGPD signed the agreement about the joint development project with DNV GL and GSI in 2020,FGPD has designed the fuel gas supply system strictly accordance with IGF code, DNVGL rules and SGMF. For this system, FGPD had conducted in-depth exchanges with DNV GL & GSI actively on Process, P&ID, E&A, safety, reliability and comprehensive arrangement plan etc. 

And finally, FGPD obtained HP/LP FGSS AiP certificate after joint reviews of FGSS experts from DNV GL Shanghai and Norway. Meanwhile, the LNG experts from GSI have completed the technical drawing review, and comprehensive arrangement optimization for the new building project. With all these achievements and recognition, we can proudly announcethat FGPD does have the capability and qualification to provide HP/LP Gas Supply System (FGSS) for various gas-fuelled ships.

After FGPD obtained AiP, it can supplement the professional principle design business area of FGPD’s group company YADA Piping System Co.,Ltd. And achieved the development planning of YADA Group, which to provide one-stop service of dual-fuel gas supply system to customer from research  & design, calculation & analysis, module integration, prefabrication  & installation to commissioning & maintenance.

At the award ceremony, every party agreed on further strengthen cooperation and would provide more professional and safer FGSS for shipowners and shipyards in the application of gas-fuelled ship.