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100 days of solidarity, labor competition activities

Editor:亚达管道系统股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-06-20 

In order to ensure the completion of various production and operation tasks in 2020, in response to the company's "100 days of solidarity and full recovery of 30 days." Initiative activities, Yada leaders at all levels of the company led all employees to further enhance confidence, unite fighting spirit, clear direction, and open up ideas , Inspire enthusiasm, continue to tap potential and increase efficiency, and do a good job in production and service

Employees in all positions keep a close eye on the target, and all employees will take action.

Pictures of field labor

We can’t stop the progress without delay, and we can’t wait until the completion. At the critical moment of a hundred-day struggle, combined with the actual situation of our company, in May, we launched the “May Day Labor Competition” throughout the company.

The picture shows the scene of part of the skill competition labor competition

The picture shows the first, second and third prize winners

"100 days of unity and hard work, and 30 days of recovery." The launch of the initiative has provided an excellent answer to the 2020 production and management goals.