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Walk together and create the future together"-The 2019 Yada Corporate Annual Meeting ended successfully!

Editor:亚达管道系统股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-02-24 

Years are not lived, and the seasons are good. In a blink of an eye, the busy 2019 has passed, and with passion and challenges, the new year is coming. On the occasion of this new year, on the afternoon of January 11, Yada Enterprises held "Together to create a future New Year's Annual Meeting".

We, Yada, have been engaged in pipelines since 1993, and we have developed the pipeline as the main line. We have not forgotten our original intentions until now, and we will not, and Yada will not in the future. We will stick to the pipeline-related service route and extend up and down. Development, from principle development, engineering design, product production, pipeline prefabrication, module integration, installation and operation + IoT security monitoring big data service platform, to provide one-stop services for customer industries, as Yada company and Yada people Focus on giving play to your own strengths and strengths, be specialized and strong, be a leader in the industry, be an expert in the industry, become a company respected by the society, realize the value of your own life, as Yada people let us work together and realize our common life Goals and dreams!

——Chairman Xiangguang Qing's speech

At the annual meeting, Yada Corporation honored the company's outstanding newcomers, outstanding employees, production model, service model, management model, excellent team, sales star and other advanced individuals and collectives.

The first half of the annual meeting ended, followed by a warm and touching wonderful party.

This year's annual conference program can be described as colorful and dazzling. Twelve carefully prepared programs performed in turns, including the marketing department "Me and My Motherland" "capture the enemy fist" song and dance, the marketing department "Just met you" song, the technical center "Love Waltz" dance, the steel pipe line "singing the mountain song" 》Songs, prefabricated line “Nine Knots” martial arts, administrative department “Exquisite Style” dance, pipe line “Drunk Miss You” song and so on.

At nine o'clock in the evening, the annual meeting ended successfully in a warm, harmonious, warm and joyful atmosphere. The annual meeting comprehensively summarized the management work of last year and established the future development trend and goals. The new year is full of opportunities and challenges. In 2020, let us fight for the day and night, live up to Shaohua, build the glory of the enterprise, and march forward to the new journey!