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Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the first "Yada Endeavour Cup" Games

Editor:亚达管道系统股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-10-26 

The first sports meeting of Yada Pipeline System Co., Ltd. was held in Xinfeng Central Primary School on October 19, 2019. Xiang Guangxian, Vice Chairman of Yada Enterprises, announced the grand opening of this Games. Inspired by the spirit of the sports meeting that "make employees smile brighter, make the company's performance more brilliant, and make the sense of belonging of all employees stronger", the athletes shouted loud slogans and took a solid pace to welcome the beginning of the games .

In this sports meeting, Yada people showed their attitude of "working hard, overcoming difficulties, striving forward, and surpassing ourselves". Our strategic layout of Yada through several years of hard work, in 2019, we will provide customers with zero inventory solutions. The station service model has fully realized services from the principle development of the system, production design, product production, pipeline prefabrication, module integration, installation and maintenance, and data platform; at the same time, it has established subsidiaries: design company, raw material company, Platform companies and engineering companies have realized manufacturing + services in Yada's product chain. As Yada people, on the basis of our service concept of “customer-centered, sincere Yada”, the value concept of safety first, quality first, responsibility, lean manufacturing, I hope Yada people take this as the basis The spirit of "more accurate, faster and stronger" on the sports field, the courage to fight, the courage to take responsibility, teamwork, self-improvement, and striving to surpass, contribute to Yada's development, and strive to achieve the company's goals. All Yada people will write a new chapter of the company together, create a new situation for the company, realize the dream of creating a world brand, and work hard to realize Yada enterprises become the leaders of the stainless steel industry.