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The first specification of ductile iron pipe engineering in the water conservancy industry!

Editor:亚达管道系统股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-12 

In recent years, with the gradual increase of large-diameter and long-distance water pipelines in the country, ductile iron pipes have excellent corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient installation, strong ground settlement and seismic resistance, and low comprehensive pipeline cost. The characteristics are widely used in water conservancy projects across the country. For example, the Qiandao Lake water diversion project in Hangzhou used DN2600mm caliber ductile iron pipe for the first time, which created a domestic record of using the largest caliber ductile iron pipe; the first phase of the first phase of the Nanning River diversion project in Nanning DN2600mm caliber new anchor ball cast iron pipe; and South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Xuzhou Luoma Lake Water Diversion Project, Yan'an Yellow River Diversion Project, Northwest Liaoning Water Diversion Project, Taiyuan Yellow River Diversion Project, Lanzhou Yellow River Diversion Project, Yingkou Dahuofang Water Diversion Project, Fengjiashan Emergency in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Large-diameter ductile iron pipes are used in water transportation projects.

In order to further accelerate the promotion and application of ductile iron pipe in water conservancy industry, it is edited by Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources, Yellow River Survey Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Beijing Water Conservancy Planning and Design Institute, Shanxi Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute, Anhui The Provincial Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute, the Second Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design of Hebei Province, the Yunnan Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute, and the Xinxing Pipe Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the preparation of the Technical Guidelines for Ductile Iron Pipes for Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering. The guideline is the first engineering technical specification integrating the design, construction and acceptance of ductile iron pipe in China's water conservancy industry, reaching the advanced level of international similar standards. The implementation of the guidelines will provide important basis for the relevant design units, construction units and supervision units of the water conservancy industry in the design, construction and acceptance of ductile iron pipes to meet the requirements of engineering safety, economic rationality and advanced technology. It will provide strong technical support for the development of ductile iron pipes in the water industry and for a wide range of applications.