Gas module

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The gas supply system (FGSS) provides fuel for dual fuel main engines, generators and boilers. High-pressure LNG is supplied by a high-pressure liquefied natural gas pump, and then gasified into a high-pressure natural gas by a high-pressure evaporator for the host. Water glycol is generally used as a heat source to evaporate liquefied natural gas. The water glycol heating system includes a water glycol balance tank and a water glycol circulation pump.

O For high-pressure dual-fuel engines

High-pressure evaporator-evaporates high-pressure fuel gas to the host

Ø For low-voltage generators and boilers

Gas-liquid separator

Forced evaporator

Gas heater

Ø BOG booster skid

Ø Intermediate heat exchange medium heat exchanger unit

Water glycol balance tank (50% water glycol + 50% water)

Water glycol circulating pump

Heat Exchanger Heater

1.规范: IGF Code/SGMF/LNG Fulled Class Rules