Gas ventilation double wall pipe

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It is used for the transportation of gas fuel or high-risk media on ships and platforms, the inner pipe transports fuel gas, and the outer pipe carries out safety monitoring and protection.

The inner pipe is a gas pipe. When an abnormal gas leak occurs, the outer pipe can protect the surrounding environment, send out an alarm signal and exhaust the gas through the exhaust system.

The analysis of the double-wall pipe takes into account the effects of wave load, acceleration of ship motion, vibration of connected equipment and weight of the system.

The scope of technical services includes design, calculation and analysis of double-walled pipelines, and submission of drawings, materials, and technical support in the process.

The scope of production services includes prefabrication, in-field tests and inspections, pickling passivation, installation of out-field tests and inspections, and is approved by the classification society.

燃气通风双壁管- 低压

规格:DN15 DN550 

设计压力:0 30 bar

设计温度:-50 80