Vacuum double wall tube

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It consists of an inner tube and an outer tube. The vacuum chamber between the inner and outer tubes can reduce the external heat input during the transportation of cryogenic liquid;

The outer pipe provides a secondary barrier to prevent leakage of LNG;

Minimize the heat conduction of the inner tube medium, and do not need to be covered with mechanical insulation;

The double-wall pipeline passed the pipeline analysis, taking into account the load of the wave load, acceleration of the ship's motion, vibration of the connected equipment, and the weight and thermal stress of the system.

The scope of technical services includes design, calculation and analysis of double-walled pipelines, and submission of drawings, materials, and technical support in the process.

The scope of production services includes prefabrication, in-field tests and inspections, pickling passivation, installation of out-field tests and inspections, and is approved by the classification society.


规格DN15 DN550

设计压力0 30 bar




设计温度:-198℃~  80