The pump tower is a three-legged mast, composed of austenitic stainless steel pipe structure, suspended in the LNG tank, and the top is connected with the liquid dome; In the bilge is provided with a guiding mechanism that is the pump base, which is fixed to the front and back of the pump tower and the left and right direction, the height direction can slide freely, so that it can expand and shrink. At the same time, the base reduces the friction generated when the pump tower shrinks, and prevents the related pipelines and equipment on the pump tower from being damaged.

The anti-deformation processing technology ensures the processing accuracy of the product, ensures the accuracy of the product installation, reduces the workload of on-site installation adjustment, and is more conducive to ensuring the construction quality, shortening the processing cycle and saving the project cost. Professional automatic welding processing equipment with a high level of assembly welding operators, can maximize the quality of product welding processing. In addition, the company specially designed the corresponding assembly tools to ensure the assembly and installation accuracy of the product, so as to maximize the performance of each product.


PRODUCT TYPE: pump tower, dome, pump base, liquid collecting well, combined dome base, breathable mast, gas dome wall, liquid dome wall, etc.