YADA has set up a technology research and development center, with a technical design team of more than 100 people, and establish an industry-university-research mechanism in cooperation with shipbuilding institutes, aerospace institutes, Zhejiang University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and other universities and research institutes. The R&D center insists on taking science and technology as the guide, providing technical support for the survival and development of enterprises and industries, leading the upgrading of Marine engineering equipment manufacturing technology, and creating a first-class enterprise technology center integrating product research and development, personnel training and technical exchange in the province.

Since its establishment, the center has undertaken and completed a number of national and provincial special projects, and successfully developed more than 100 new products and new technologies; Apply for a number of invention and utility model patents, draft or participate in the drafting of a number of national standards, industry standards and group standards.



YADA has more than 100,000 square meters of professional production base, with rich independent equipment research and development capabilities, adhere to its own production base, its own production equipment, its own production line. Independently developed and manufactured the world's first ultra-large tonnage ultra-thick ultra-high pressure 25,000 tons of flexible integrated hydraulic cold forming equipment, to further enhance the high pressure pipeline system product technology research and development strength. Complete configuration of welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, pipe fittings and other twelve production lines, can quickly solve the design changes generated by the addition, non-standard parts and other problems, to ensure the timeliness of the project.



YADA quality testing center covers an area of over 600 square meters. The testing center has fully equipped desktop spectrometer imported from the United States, PMI detector imported from the United States, metallographic microscope imported from Japan, ferrite tester imported from Germany, X-ray flaw detector imported from Germany, eddy current flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector imported from the Netherlands, passivation film detector and other professional testing equipment. Incoming inspection, process inspection, key process verification for all kinds of raw materials, chemical composition, mechanical properties, metallographic structure, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other quality indicators for 100% full coverage testing.



 "Marine floating anhydrous ammonia Reliquefication skid installation equipment" won the first (set) in Jiaxing City.


"Ship LNG engine Fuel storage machine supply system" won the first (set) in Zhejiang Province.


"Digital complete vacuum tube system of super large dual-fuel power ship" won the first (set) in Zhejiang Province.

"Continuous vacuum insulated double wall pipe" won the first (set) in Jiaxing City.


"Super large LNG-powered ship fuel tank pump tower" won the country's first (set)