YADA actively responds to the call of the state, in various fields such as international shipping and ocean engineering, facing the direction of green and low-carbon development, actively layouts related product design and research and development focusing on LNG energy, and actively carries out technology reserve and research and development in hydrogen energy, ammonia energy and other clean energy, so as to contribute to the green development of international shipping and ocean engineering in the future. Contribute to YADA professional strength.

At the same time, YADA actively promotes the use of clean energy in various production links, vigorously develops clean energy such as photovoltaic energy, and continuously reduces production energy consumption by adopting more advanced technology and equipment, and actively builds green factory.




Zhejiang as a demonstration area for high-quality development and construction of common prosperity, YADA actively responds to the call of the country, adheres to the people-oriented, pays attention to the career development of employees and the harmony of employees' families, and holds various vocational skills training and learning activities from time to time to improve employees' skills, grow together with employees, and work together with Yada employees and employees' families to move towards the development road of common prosperity.


At the same time of rapid development of the enterprise, YADA actively participates in charity and public welfare undertakings, grateful to give back to the society. At the same time, we will increase support for the construction of local villages and towns, streets, cultural construction, and employment solutions to help the common development of the local economy.